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Fleur de Sel, 150 g

"The Original"

Our absolute classic & bestseller! In a lovely ceramic pot with its natural cork - only genuine with the little porcelain spoon! This gourmet salt, handmade in the French style of "Fleur de Sel" (Spanish: "Flor de Sal"), is a natural salt particularly rich in minerals. SAL de IBIZA's "Fleur de Sel" tastes noticeably milder and fresher than regular table salt. 100% Fleur de Sel

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Fleur de Sel "La Vie en...

Fleur de Sel with Rose Petals & Rose Essence

Special Edition in collaboration with PINK RIBBON. Perfect as a "dessert salt" with dark chocolate mousse with vanilla ice cream, with lamb and game dishes or with oriental inspired dishes such as tajine. Hand-harvested salt flower, rose petals (Rosae flos ruber), rose buds (Rosae gemma rosea tot.) and a touch of the most precious rose oil (Rosa damascena, Oleum rosae).

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Granito con Flores, 75 g

Granito with Colourful Flower Petals

SAL de IBIZA Granito sprinkled with selected roses, cornflowers, marigolds and orange blossoms. Ideal for seasoning and garnishing fresh salads or as a colourful decoration on a mozzarella. Sea salt (approx. 80%), rose-, cornflower-, marigold- and orangeblossoms (approx. 20%)

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Granito con Chili, 75 g

Granito with Crushed Chili Peppers

SAL de IBIZA Granito is enriched with a good portion of hot, coarsely ground chillies. Ideal seasoning companion for those who like it a little spicier and those who dare to try... Caution: hot! Sea salt (approx. 60%), crushed chilli peppers (without seeds, approx. 40%)

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Fleur de Sel "Isla Blanca",...

Fleur de Sel with Ibicencan Herbs

For this Special Edition in collaboration with the Ibiza Preservation Fund, we have simply replaced the alcohol and sugar content of the Ibizan "Hierbas" liqueur with our Flower of Salt and we have kept the typical local herbs. Excellent with Mediterranean fish dishes like seabream and St. Peter's fish or even a simple grilled chicken fillet. You can also try it in combination with natural yogurt and fruits like melon, papaya or mango... Salt Flower hand-picked in the "Parc Natural de Ses Salines d'Eivissa", lemon peel, chamomile flowers, precious natural essential oils of lemon, anise, orange, fennel, sage, chamomile, lavender, peppermint, rosemary, juniper, thyme.

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Grano, 1.000 g

Coarse sea salt for the kitchen

100% natural sea salt, harvested in the nature reserve of the saline fields on the island of Ibiza. Contains neither anticaking agents nor any other additives. Produced solely using traditional artisan methods and dried by the sun. Perfect for preparing delicious dishes "baked in the salt crust“. 100% sea salt

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Molino, 500 g

Very coarse sea salt for the salt mill We call our salt for the mill "Molino". It is SAL de IBIZA's coarsest salt and has the appearance of sugar candy rocks. This sea salt also contains no bleaching agents or additives. In fact, it is particularly rich in natural minerals and micronutrients such as magnesium, fluorine, selenium and iodine. Like our other products, "Molino" is only dried in the sun and then, in this case, broken into smaller crystals. 100% sea salt

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Fleur de Sel "Mar Blau", 140 g

Fleur de Sel with Black Garlic - ORGANIC

Special Edition in collaboration with Plastic Free Ibiza. The black garlic "ajo negro" marinated in salt water is the European equivalent of the UMAMI taste "discovered" in Japan. Discover the taste of vanilla and plum together with caramel, balsamic vinegar and liquorice nuances. Our "Mar Blau" composition can be used in many ways: in sauces, aioli or hummus. Be creative and give this extra touch to your own dishes! Hand-harvested salt flower and black garlic powder*. (*from controlled organic cultivation.)

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Granito con Hibiscus, 90 g

Granito with Hibiscus Blossoms

SAL de IBIZA Granito infused with the slightly sour taste of hibiscus. Perfect for a vinaigrette or for seasoning lamb and wild game as well as a visual treat for your eyes! Sea salt (approx. 60%), hibiscus blossoms (approx. 40%)

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Fleur de Sel, Mini, 28.35 g

Our bestseller - in a cute mini ceramic pot.

The trick: When you run out of it, you should 1.) buy our "Fleur de Sel" refill bag, or 2.) finally buy our ceramic pot "The Original" with 150 grams of Fleur de Sel - and 3.) use this pot as an egg cup… 100% Fleur de Sel

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