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Discover the exquisite snacks such as potato chips from SAL de IBIZA - a real feast for gourmets. All our snacks are refined with the unique fleur de sel from the salt marshes on the island of Ibiza.

This completely unrefined type of salt is extracted from the crystal-clear seawater of the Balearic Islands with the help of the sun and wind. It is especially the hand-harvested salt flowers that really bring out and perfectly complement its mild flavour and fine texture in our nuts, chips, breadsticks and chocolate. SAL de IBIZA is a premium salt that connoisseurs appreciate and stands for an incomparable flavour experience. Its fine seasoning creates the perfect balance with crispy potato crisps, crunchy nuts, delicious breadsticks and creamy chocolate. Let yourself be tempted by the quality and flavour of Ibiza sea salt and try our snacks. Each product will remind you of our beloved island in its own way.

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Chips "La Vie en Rose", 45 g

Potato Crisps with Rose Petals and Rose Essence, mini bag With our latest chips creation "La Vie en Rose" we are expanding the snack cosmos with an unexpectedly elegant flavour. If you're looking for a crunchy snack with that certain something, you'll be delighted by the subtle rose note.

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Mix de Luxe, 80 g

No peanuts and no sultanas! Instead big, fruity and sweet sun-dried Muscat grapes, extra crunchy Brazil nuts, fine cashews, aromatic almonds, Californian walnuts and delicious hazelnuts, seasoned with a pinch of our best Fleur de Sel. In short: the upscale snack for in between!

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70% Organic Cocoa - with Fleur de Sel, Mini, 40 g

For its "Deep Dark Chocolate 70% a la Flor de Sal", SAL de IBIZA uses organic dark chocolate couvertures made from first-class Trinitario cocoa varieties and the original and finely aromatic Chuncho cocoa from the Cusco region in the Peruvian rainforest. All our cocoa beans come from selected cooperatives at fair prices!

Cocoa content: 70% (organic quality)

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