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Open-pored clay wine cooler

The Cooler

Wine lovers will be thrilled. Our COOLER combines natural design with Mediterranean charm. It is also incredibly easy to use: natural cooling through evaporation! A very special decor item that is guaranteed to get you admiring glances at any beach or garden party.

Clay wine cooler with Mediterranean charm
The Cooler
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Pour cold water in the wine cooler and let it sit for 5-10 minutes. Due to the open-pored clay, the water is soaked like a sponge. Physics will take care of the rest: The warm and humid air extracts the moisture from its surroundings and from our soaked COOLER. This process generates cooling by evaporation. What remains is COOLNESS for our wine... Ready to Rock! A pre-cooled bottle can remain cold for hours... and the following bottles too! Tip: our COOLER works even better if you pre-cool it - already fully soaked - for some time in the freezer before use. SAL - ud! Attention: Very open-pored clay, fragile!

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