Welcome back!!! The ‚new‘ 1 liter ceramic jar


Everyone who loves SAL de IBIZA knows our ‘branded’ and très chic ceramic jar with ceramic lid. We have given our decorative container for perhaps storing Fina or Grano salts in the kitchen a little facelift. We have kept the practical dimple in the lid: put some ‘Fina’ in the hollow, sit the lid by the hob, and you’ll always have a pinch of salt handy while cooking.
The elegant SAL de IBIZA ceramic jar is naturally not just perfect as everyday storage for our precious sea salts, you can also use it to keep flour, pasta, polenta or sugar… Or, just in case, you could use it to keep grandma‘s cookies – or even repurpose it as a vase! A practical and indispensable kitchen accessory in a classy design!


Hand harvested „Fleur de Sel“ • black garlic powder* – *produced in controlled organic cultivation
*: Since our refusal to apply any anti-caking agent is unnegotiable, we recommend that you simply loosen up the salt with a fork (or alike).

SAL de IBIZA – MAR BLAU – Special Edition

Fleur de Sel with Ajo Negro – Black garlic


For each “Mar Blau” pot sold we donate 1 € to PLASTIC FREE IBIZA.

Again this year we support a charitable project with a new special edition based on our precious Fleur de Sel. IBIZA – famous for its exceptional natural beauty and crystal clear waters. To preserve the sea surrounding our favourite island, SAL de IBIZA has partnered with the PLASTIC FREE IBIZA movement. Every purchase of our “Mar Blau” (“Blue Sea” in Eivissenc) new special edition will support local projects so that future generations can also love and enjoy Ibiza’s lovely beaches and turquoise waters.
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Allium Sativum – Black garlic (from the family of the lily plants)

The “Black Garlic Wonder” has become an integral part of the Spanish gourmet cuisine. While this special garlic still has to earn its laurels in Europe, it has long been popular in Asia. It is also one of the most wonderful achievements of the molecular cuisine of Ferran Adria.

For 2-9 months the garlic is kept in sea water brine at a constant temperature of 60 ° celsius. During this process, the garlic turns black. This very slow fermentation gives the garlic its unique and distinctive aroma.

Nuances of vanilla and plum are just as evident as are caramel, balsamic vinegar – but also a hint of liquorice. The result is an unforgettable “umami experience”.

The black garlic can be used in many different ways: in sauces, aioli or even hummus. It makes a significant contribution to the pleasure of the palate. It also gives that certain extra to a tomato quiche or flame cake.

Granito Ceramic Editions

Ceramic Bundle Edition

Salt & Pepper Set

Our salt and pepper shakers come in a decorative ‘beach chair’ cardboard box as a couple. Our Granito information flyer explaining the various “flavours” is included in the packaging. The two shakers come prefilled with our well-known Granito sea salt, as well as a high-quality black ground pepper in organic quality.
Pepper is THE classic spice, an absolute must in every kitchen and on every table. It will add a delicate spiciness to your plates. This black gold from Cambodia, grown in strictly controlled organic cultivation fits particularly well to soups, salads, fish and vegetables. You can also use it in sauces and marinades. Pepper also helps you digest heavy meals.


* Ingredients: Hand-harvested SAL de IBIZA Fleur de Sel and hand-selected saffron (finest powder and whole threads).

SAL de IBIZA – AZAFRÁN – Special Edition*

Fleur de Sel with saffron

The precious saffron spice is derived from the pistils of the Crocus Sativus flowers. The harvest is pure handwork, just like our exquisite Fleur de Sel.
This intensely aromatic treasure blooms only for a few weeks in autumn and only once a year. Exclusively for you, we have brought together two of the finest ingredients who would like to join you on a culinary – even sensual – journey.
Even the Phoenician, who also established our salt flats in Ibiza, refined their delicious dishes with the precious saffron. Now we would like to share this culinary and optical maximum pleasure with you.
Our “Golden Queen” gives these dishes an irresistible taste experience: Risotto, Paella, Couscous or also a beautiful rack of lamb in orange juice saffron sauce.
¡buen provecho!

Granito Beach Chair Bundles

„Salty Safari“ – Take us for a salty ride

Just in time for the summer season, we are offering five fresh bundles. In an attractive beach chair look, we have selected two shakers each from our Granito Family, to conquer the kitchens of the world. These lovingly arranged pairings would like to be tasted by you from now on. You can cook and experiment to your heart‘s content. On your pots, get set – go!
We wish you lots of fun with this wonderful culinary upgrade for your dishes!


Very suitable for typically Mediterranean white fish like Dorade (sea bream), sea bass & John Dory, or a simple chicken filet from the barbeque. Also, try it as a topping on a shrimp cocktail dressing, or as a finishing salt on a basic green salad. Moreover, if you want to go even purer, add some to your scrambled eggs or on top of the “sunny side ups”. In combination with natural yoghurt or on top of fruit, like honey melon, papaya or mango, you will experience its true complex taste!


Natural sea salt, „Fleur de Sel“ • Lemon peel • Chamomile buds. Precious natural essential oils of: Lemon • Anise • Orange • Fennel • Sage •Chamomile • Lavender • Peppermint • Rosemary • Juniper • and Thyme
*: Please note that the natural ingredients of this product, i.e. Lemon peel & Chamomile buds, may leave faint spots underneath the cardboard lid, separating the cork top from the salt. These possible stains do not in any way compromise the quality of this product.

SAL de IBIZA – ISLA BLANCA – Special Edition

Fleur de Sel with Ibicencan Herbs

Last season we launched our first “limited edition”, in order to support the international PINK RIBBON organization, which raises funds worldwide for the research against breast cancer. Frankly, we – as well as PINK RIBBON – were overwhelmed by the astonishing success of our Fleur de Sel “à La Vie en Rose” in the rosé pot. This convinced us to come up with a new special edition, based on our precious Fleur de Sel, every year supporting a charitable project.

This time – in order to give something back to our favourite island – we team up with The Ibiza Preservation Fund (IPF). To create a very typical “Ibicenco” product, we found our inspiration in the original local herbs, which form the basis of the world-famous “Hierbas Ibicencas” – simply replacing the liqueur´s high content in sugar with our exquisite Fleur de Sel. This year’s edition SAL de IBIZA – ISLA BLANCA comes in an all-white ceramic jar. We are happy to commit ourselves to donate 1€ to the IBIZA PRESERVATION FUND for each of these pots sold.

About the Ibiza Preservation Fund (IPF)

The IPF was born in 2008 out of concern for the unsustainable development of the island. It raises money from people all over the world who care about Ibiza and Formentera. Funds are used to support projects that preserve the land and sea and promote sustainability. Every purchase of this limited SAL de IBIZA “ISLA BLANCA” edition will help support local environmental projects to protect the sea and its vital natural resources so future generations can also love and enjoy the island’s crystal clear waters and exceptional natural beauty.

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Wine lovers will be thrilled. Our COOLER combines not only natural design with Mediterranean charm – it is also astonishingly easy to use: Natural cooling by means of evaporation! Fill the COOLER
with fresh water for ca. 10 min. Thanks to the open-pored structure of the clay, the water is absorbed as if by a sponge. Physics will take care of the rest: Warm – moist – air draws humidity from its surroundings – and from our soaked COOLER. This process generates cooling by evaporation: In order to separate the individual water particles from each other – to evaporate – energy is required, which draws moisture from its surroundings in the form of heat. What remains is COOLNESS generated by evaporation, which in turn is great for our wine … Ready to Rock!
A pre-cooled bottle will now remain chilled for hours – and of course the following bottles too … The open-pored clay enhances our “handmade” look and is deliberate. SAL - ud!

Material: clay with open-pored structure

Creamy White Chocolate 38% a la Flor de Sal

The “Creamy White Chocolate 38% a la Flor de Sal” from SAL de IBIZA is produced from the finest organic whole milk powder, organic raw cane sugar and premium organic cocoa butter. The light ivory colour, the comforting creamy flavour and the elegant buttery notes make this chocolate a sensuous experience.

The carefully composed combination of the finest ingredients harmonizes particularly well with the delicate Fleur de Sel from SAL de IBIZA. The hand-picked salt flower lends this creamy tasting chocolate a delicately piquant note.

This exquisite chocolate is exclusively hand-crafted for SAL de IBIZA by the expert chocolatiers of Wohlfarth Schokolade in Berlin using traditional methods.

Cocoa content: 38%

40g or 80g