Ceramic Edition

Ceramic Edition

Granito Salt and Pepper Shaker

For years we have been asked specifically for a salt and pepper shaker set. Since we strive to take our customers’ requests seriously, we have now acted on this and created this set for you. Both shakers are presented in a new material – the tabletop ‘Ceramic Edition’, each prefilled either with our famous “Granito” sea salt or a superior-quality organic ground black pepper.

Beach Chair with Ceramic Salt –  & Pepper Shaker

We bring the beach into you kitchen!

Our salt and pepper shakers come in a decorative ‘beach chair’ cardboard box as a couple (see photo). Our Granito information flyer explaining the various “flavours” is included in the packaging.

Ceramic Salt Shaker, refillable

Ceramic Pepper Shaker, refillable

For our HORECA clients we offer single single salt and pepper shaker units.