Chocolate a la Flor de Sal

Chocolate a la Flor de Sal


Finest Chocolate with Fleur de Sel

This very fine dark chocolate is created by experienced chocolate masters according to traditional artisan methods. To start with, Fleur de Sel is milled into fine powder and stirred into the chocolate mass (“conche”) so it takes on a very faint salty note. The still liquid conche is then spread onto heated marble slabs, which enables the connoisseur to experience the complex flavour nuances of the different cocoa beans chosen especially for this distinctive composition.

The conche is then poured into the designated forms where it assumes its final shape. Finally, a pinch of Fleur de Sel is sprinkled into the still supple conche, which makes for the distinct crunchy touch of our chocolate.

The carefully composed blend of South American Criollo, Trinitario and Forastero cocoa beans harmonizes particularly well with SAL de IBIZA´s delicate Fleur de Sel. The hand-harvested Gourmet sea-salt lends a slightly piquant note to this intensely fruity chocolate.

Cocoa content: 70%


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