Fleur de Sel

Fleur de Sel

Fleur de Sel (blossom of salt) is the purest of all table salts. It is obtained solely by traditional harvesting methods originating from the ancient salt makers on the French Atlantic coast. This type of salt is 100% natural. It is not altered in any way, from the moment it is gathered by hand to the time it reaches the gourmet’s palate.

Left untouched by any kind of refining, it retains its more than 80 essential minerals and trace elements, such as magnesium, fluoride, selenium and iodine. Fleur de Sel is highly regarded as a marine salt of supreme quality. It is bright white, occasionally with a pink shimmer. Being “fresh” salt and hand-harvested, it is always slightly moist and remains best when kept in the same state. Its taste is very subtle yet aromatic.

Fleur de Sel is much milder than regular salt. When the crystals dissolve in your mouth, you will appreciate how salt should and used to taste.

Fleur de Sel, Mini-Ceramic container, Eggcup, 28,35 g

Fleur de Sel
Mini-Ceramic container, Eggcup (28.3g)

Fleur de Sel Ceremic container with small porcelain spoon, 150g

Fleur de Sel
Ceramic container with small porcelain spoon (150g)

Refill, paper-bag with

paper-bag with “window” (150g)