Molino & Molinillo

Molino & Molinillo

Molino, our salt made especially for use in a mill (“molinillo” in Spanish), is SAL de IBIZA’s coarsest salt. Like our other products, Molino is only dried under the sun, then broken into smaller, mill-ready crystals. Like all other SAL de IBIZA products, our Molino sea-salt contains no bleaching or pouring agents, nor any other additives whatsoever. It is exceptionally rich in vital natural minerals and trace elements, such as magnesium, fluoride, selenium and iodine. Besides careful harvesting and gentle processing, another contributing factor is the exceptionally good water quality in the nature reserve “Parc Natural de ses Salines d’Eivissa” where SAL de IBIZA is obtained.

As with our other all-natural salts, Molino retains some of its original moisture, which means it will react with all metals, even the finest stainless steel. For this reason, we insisted on a salt mill with a ceramic grinding device. In order to even eliminate the need for a horizontal metal axle, we additionally opted for a “heads-up” model, which allow the salt crystals to fall directly into the grinding mechanism.

Our Molinillo salt mill will provide you with the perfect dosage of our especially mild, fresh and great-tasting salt. The mill’s receptacle is made of glass and is dishwasher safe. The high-quality ceramic grinding mechanism is encased in a top made of natural beech wood.


big salt-crystals for the mill
paper-bag with “window” (500g)

Molinillo, Salzmühle aus Holz und Glas mit Keramik-Mahlwerk

saltmill made of wood and glass with ceramic grinding device