other Must-haves

other Must-haves


Classic Tray

Classic European tray with SAL de IBIZA Logo, (sheet metal).


Wine lovers will be thrilled. Our COOLER combines not only natural design with Mediterranean charm – it is also astonishingly easy to use: Natural cooling by means of evaporation! Fill the COOLER
with fresh water for ca. 10 min. Thanks to the open-pored structure of the clay, the water is absorbed as if by a sponge. Physics will take care of the rest: Warm – moist – air draws humidity from its surroundings – and from our soaked COOLER. This process generates cooling by evaporation: In order to separate the individual water particles from each other – to evaporate – energy is required, which draws moisture from its surroundings in the form of heat. What remains is COOLNESS generated by evaporation, which in turn is great for our wine … Ready to Rock!
A pre-cooled bottle will now remain chilled for hours – and of course the following bottles too … The open-pored clay enhances our “handmade” look and is deliberate. SAL - ud!


Material: clay with open-pored structure