The Stores

We are happy to invite you to this SEASON’S 2021 OPENING of our store in SANTA EULALIA!

Essential Ibiza places – you cannot go by without stopping…

As always, we’ll be happy to see you and hope you enjoy your visit – treat yourself or choose a nice gift for someone special!

SAL de IBIZA “THE STORES” offers you a spectacular range of all the beautiful things your favourite island has to offer – the finest selection of fashion, haute cuisine, interior design, as well as sound and books from the Balearics – and all with the maximum guarantee of SAL de IBIZA! The pure Mediterranean charm of both shops invites you to find a perfect gift for your beloved ones or for yourself.

Let yourself be carried away by Ibiza’s famous boho chic and hippie fashion that will make you feel the essence of the island! We offer different brands known for their quality and beautiful designs. Discover little treasures among a great number of accessories that you can combine as you like. Jewelry, bags, glasses, hats, towels, sarongs, … Everything you need to be trendy!

Gastronomy also plays an important role in SAL de IBIZA “THE STORES”, specifically gourmet products. We have the full range of SAL de IBIZA products and many other local brands, including EXQUISITE, with its handcrafted products made with raw materials from Ibiza such as almonds and carob. Choose your favourite from a wide range of wines, snacks, chocolates and much more. Enjoy them, if you wish, directly on our beautiful terrace.


Are you looking for a nice decoration for your home? In our shops you will find a selection of small furniture with a charming touch of the Mediterranean and Nordic. We have chairs, cushions, poufs, carpets and decorative elements such as candles, cots or nice air fresheners. Items that convey peace and exude style.

We also have a select range of personal care products such as perfumes and natural soaps with 100% Ibizan aromas from brands such as NaïfLand Ibiza, Campos de Ibiza and Hierbas de Ibiza.

SAL de IBIZA “THE STORES” are the perfect shops to give yourself a treat or to find a good gift for someone special.
Perfect for those who want to connect with the real spirit of Ibiza!