It is getting more important than ever in times of high speed: Take your time out and relax!

Thus create yourself a lovely atmosphere at home or in your garden. Take a seat and enjoy a good rosé wine (or champagne or whatever you like most) kept at the right temperature by our gorgeous COOLER.

Wine lovers will be thrilled. Our COOLER combines natural design with Mediterranean charm. It is also a beautiful item to decorate your table.

THE COOLER is also astonishingly easy to use: Natural cooling by means of evaporation! Fill the COOLER with fresh water for ca. 10 min. Thanks to the open-pored structure of the clay, the water is absorbed as if by a sponge. Physics will take care of the rest: Warm – moist – air draws humidity from its surroundings – and from our soaked COOLER.
This process generates cooling by evaporation: In order to separate the individual water particles from each other – to evaporate – energy is required, which draws moisture from its surroundings in the form of heat. What remains is COOLNESS generated by evaporation, which in turn is great for our wine …

Ready to Rock! A pre-cooled bottle will now remain chilled for hours – and of course the following bottles too …  the open-pored clay enhances our “handmade” look and is deliberate.

SAL – ud!