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Fleur de Sel, Mini, 28.35 g

Our bestseller - in a cute mini ceramic pot.

The trick: When you run out of it, you should 1.) buy our "Fleur de Sel" refill bag, or 2.) finally buy our ceramic pot "The Original" with 150 grams of Fleur de Sel - and 3.) use this pot as an egg cup… 100% Fleur de Sel

€10.30 Price
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Fleur de Sel, 150 g

"The Original"

Our absolute classic & bestseller! In a lovely ceramic pot with its natural cork - only genuine with the little porcelain spoon! This gourmet salt, handmade in the French style of "Fleur de Sel" (Spanish: "Flor de Sal"), is a natural salt particularly rich in minerals. SAL de IBIZA's "Fleur de Sel" tastes noticeably milder and fresher than regular table salt. 100% Fleur de Sel

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