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White Truffle Almonds, 80 g

When Marcona almonds meet white summer truffles, it is a feast for the senses. The almonds are blessed with the sun from Valencia and perfectly embrace the elegant aroma of white truffles. When you open the package, you are immediately welcomed by a gentle scent that simply makes you want to enjoy this snack.

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Macadamia Hot Chili, 80 g

The macadamia nut is often called the queen of nuts. One bite of the buttery, crunchy ball and a fine, refined taste unfolds on the palate. We use "Style 1", the highest quality grade for our macadamias from South Africa. It becomes fiery, but not too spicy, when the roasted nut is rolled in our "on fire" mixture of chili and salt. This blend of spiciness and elegance is irresistible for snack fans.

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BBQ Peanuts, 80 g

These carefully selected American peanuts achieve their smoky flavour through a coating of zesty sweetness. You won´t be able to eat just one… Perfect pairing with a glass of wine, a perfect toast to life!

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Mix de Luxe, 80 g

No peanuts and no sultanas! Instead big, fruity and sweet sun-dried Muscat grapes, extra crunchy Brazil nuts, fine cashews, aromatic almonds, Californian walnuts and delicious hazelnuts, seasoned with a pinch of our best Fleur de Sel. In short: the upscale snack for in between!

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