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Fleur de Sel Specials


To qualify as an ingredient for our Fleur de Sel Specials, we were very picky and demanding. Here, exquisite spice notes such as rose petals, black garlic and Ibizan "hierbas" meet a handmade,

To qualify as an ingredient for our Fleur de Sel Specials, we were very picky and demanding. Here, exquisite spice notes such as rose petals, black garlic and Ibizan "hierbas" meet a handmade, naturally grown natural wonder: the fine salt crystals from Ibiza's millennia-old salt marshes. Under the cork lid of our colorful Fleur de Sel Special pots, salt blends unfold that manage to transform a simple dish into a delicacy. We call this the "Special-Fleur de Sel" effect.

Put it to the test and season your dishes with our Fleur de Sel Specials. A "Hmmh" will go through the room and with the pots as a pretty eye-catcher on your dining table, the personal moment of pleasure will begin. Are you still missing something for cooking happiness? And by the way, another "special" is that every time you buy a pot, you make the world a little better and do good.

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Fleur de Sel Specials 3-Set

Special offer for Fleur de Sel-Specials! Because we are now offering our three beauties as a threesome for a reduced price. If you know one, you can try the others and discover that all three pots have earned their prime spot in the kitchen. Sometimes you want to cook exotic, sometimes Mediterranean, sometimes you need a pinch of that certain something - with our Fleur de Sel Specials, it's sure to be a special treat. Or are you looking for a delicious gift? There is always a reason for our specials in a set, including the price advantage:

You get the set of 3 for € 58.00 instead of € 65.10.

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Fleur de Sel "Feliz Navidad", 140 g

We love children and like children, we love Christmas. We celebrate this with our Special Edition "Feliz Navidad": Hand-harvested SAL de IBIZA Fleur de Sel, Christmas pomegranate and orange blossoms, noble bourbon vanilla, exotic tonka beans, a pinch of chili, and the precious mace flower.

SAL de IBIZA - Save the Children
A Christmas salt, mixed with the best Fleur de Sel and spices from all over the world for children all over the world! And the product is not only something special that you treat yourself or make your loved ones happy with it. It can do something else great: With every purchase, you support children in need:

For each of these pots, we donate 1 € to "Save the Children Deutschland e. V.".

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Fleur de Sel "Azafrán", Mini, 28.35 g

Here we have combined two of the most exquisite ingredients for you: the Phoenicians, who also built our salines on Ibiza, already refined their dishes with precious saffron. We would now like to share this epicurean and visual delight with you. It is best served with risotto, paella, couscous or on a nice lamb filet. ¡Buen provecho!

Ingredients: Salt Flower and hand-picked saffron (finest powder and whole threads).

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Fleur de Sel "Isla Blanca", 140 g

For this Special Edition in collaboration with the Ibiza Preservation Fund, we have simply replaced the alcohol and sugar content of the Ibizan "Hierbas" liqueur with our Flower of Salt and we have kept the typical local herbs. Excellent with Mediterranean fish dishes like seabream and St. Peter's fish or even a simple grilled chicken fillet. You can also try it in combination with natural yogurt and fruits like melon, papaya or mango...

Salt Flower hand-picked in the "Parc Natural de Ses Salines d'Eivissa", lemon peel, chamomile flowers, precious natural essential oils of lemon, anise, orange, fennel, sage, chamomile, lavender, peppermint, rosemary, juniper, thyme.

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Fleur de Sel "Mar Blau", 140 g

Special Edition in collaboration with Plastic Free Ibiza. The black garlic "ajo negro" marinated in salt water is the European equivalent of the UMAMI taste "discovered" in Japan. Discover the taste of vanilla and plum together with caramel, balsamic vinegar, and licorice nuances. Our "Mar Blau" composition can be used in many ways: in sauces, aioli or hummus. Be creative and give this extra touch to your own dishes!

Hand-harvested salt flower and black garlic powder*. (*from controlled organic cultivation.)

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Fleur de Sel "La Vie en Rose", 140 g

Special Edition in collaboration with PINK RIBBON. Perfect as a "dessert salt" with dark chocolate mousse with vanilla ice cream, with lamb and game dishes, or with oriental-inspired dishes such as tajine.

Hand-harvested salt flowers, rose petals (Rosae flos ruber), rose buds (Rosae gemma rosea tot.), and a touch of the most precious rose oil (Rosa damascena, Oleum rosae).

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Fleur de Sel „La Vie en Rose “  

It wasn't so long ago that Middle Eastern and Asian cuisine hit our taste buds. For example, we discovered our love for hummus and tahini sauce and brought them to the table. We are constantly expanding our horizons for the traditional flavours from Asia and the Middle East and are finding more and more taste for integrating these spice preparations and herbs into our cuisine.
That's why our Fleur de Special "La Vie en Rose" in a pink pot with rose petals, rose buds and the subtle scent of rose essence fits in wonderfully with this trend.
The pink Fleur de Sel gives lamb and game dishes an individual character and a special flavour note. Do you love a touch of the exotic in desserts? Then add a pinch of the pink Fleur de Sel over dark chocolate mousse. It's a little piece of excellence! And available here:
A pink pot can do a lot of good. And when we learned that this colour is exactly the colour of the international organisation PINK RIBBON for research against breast cancer, it was clear: 1 euro from every sale will be donated to this initiative.

Fleur de Sel „Mar Blau“

Anyone who has tried black marinated garlic knows that its taste is quite different to that of conventional garlic. It has the advantage of a finely spicy aroma, does not smell and your counterpart will not notice that you have eaten this type of garlic.
The reason for this is the fermentation process. In this process, the freshly harvested garlic is cooked in a ripening chamber for several weeks in an extremely humid, warm and sea-salty environment. During this chemical process, amino acids and sugars combine and not only change the colour of the garlic, but also the consistency becomes softer and the taste takes on a slight sweetness. The heat-sensitive vitamins and minerals, however, remain intact. They are the seasoning that gives every dish what was "somehow still missing". They make salty and also sweet dishes fuller, finer and more balanced.
Perhaps you have come across the Japanese term “umami” before? Umami is described as the fifth sense of taste, which the Japanese regard as "intensely tasty" alongside sweet, sour, bitter and hot. Black garlic is "umami" and reminds us of the tart sweetness of plums, the full-bodied heaviness of caramel with a hint of liquorice.
And when you open the resealable lid of our blue pot, you are greeted by this balanced, delicately spicy, dark flavour blend. Even a simple dish like a tomato tart or a tortilla is enhanced by this Fleur de Sel Special. Need more spice? Of course, because the chic blue pot should not be missing on the finely laid table - culinary entertainment guaranteed. The delicacy is waiting for you here. (LINKs einsetzen, dito unten!!!)

The Fleur de Sel "Mar Blau" also does good. With every sale, you donate one euro to "PLASTIC FREE IBIZA", an organisation that wants to stop plastic pollution on the beaches of Ibiza and Formentera in order to actively protect the environment.

Fleur de Sel „Isla Blanca“

The idea for the composition of our Fleur de Sel Special "Isla Blanca" came to us after a sumptuous meal on Ibiza, when we toasted in the tradition with the island's famous herbal liqueur "Hierbas Ibicencas". And there it was, that unique taste that only nature can give us.
The composition that smells and tastes like Ibiza has been produced and bottled for centuries in an old family tradition. Herbs such as aniseed, rosemary, mint, peppermint and vermouth can be tasted in the liqueur, as can the zest of oranges and lemons. All ingredients that would also enrich our Fleur de Sel.

In collaboration with the Ibiza Preservation Fund and the family business Aniseta Ibiza, we have developed "Isla Blanca", the third of our Fleur de Sel Specials. This white pot certainly has the "most" Ibiza in it. Here, local herbs and fruits meet salt crystals harvested by hand from the Posidonia fields.

By the way: Ibiza's salt flats are a strictly protected nature reserve of the highest order that was also declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1999.

Invite guests and serve fresh fish from the Mediterranean, simply seasoned with our
Fleur de Sel Special "Isla Blanca". It is also delicious as a barbecue seasoning, in natural yoghurt or as a topping on a mango. By the way: The fine essential oils of citrus fruits, juniper and aniseed as well as chamomile blossoms and lemon peel are all Ayurvedic ingredients. This speciality brings more than the Ibiza sun and sea to the dining table. And if you want to have that holiday feeling delivered straight to your home, you've come to the right place.

By buying the white pot, you are also supporting the IBIZA PRESERVATION FUND, which is committed to the important work of environmental protection at sea and on land, not least the protection of the salt production of the salt flats in the sea.

Fleur de Sel Mini-Special "Azafrán"

With our Fleur de Sel Mini-Special "Azafran", we open up a spice note to our SAL de IBIZA lovers that should not be missing in any well-stocked kitchen: Fleur de Sel with saffron. We have not only added powder to our sea salt, but also whole threads.
The combination of mild salt crystals with delicately bitter, perhaps earthy-smoky, slightly spicy notes is great. This palette of flavours, ranging from tobacco to vanilla to honey, may be one reason why the "red gold" is such a valuable spice.
Also because it enriches both savoury and sweet cuisine. What is certain is that the hand-picked harvest of saffron threads, which come from a species of crocus, is only found in very small quantities and remains a special, not everyday spice. One reason why we offer our Special Edition in a mini version. To refine it, go this way!

What are Fleur de Sel Specials?

Fleur de Sel Specials from SAL de IBIZA are salt blends that give our Fleur de Sel a new twist. Selected, not everyday ingredients have found their way into our pots to enhance the taste of our delicate salt flowers with a special spicy note.
We currently offer our Fleur de Sel Specials in the flavours Fleur de Sel "La Vie en Rose", Fleur de Sel "Isla Blanca", Fleur de Sel "Mar Blau" and Fleur de Sel "Azafran".
Each in its own way has the ingredients to surprise the palate.

What distinguishes Fleur de Sel Specials from the sea salt spice blends?

It is the base that distinguishes our specials from the spice blends. Only all-natural salt is used as the basis for the specials, which crystallises in the form of delicate flakes on the surface of the water along the sea coast in the evaporation ponds. Fleur de Sel is the crowning glory of the salt, as the fine, flowery crystal structure only forms on windless and very hot days and is skimmed off by hand by the salt workers.  
Our sea salt spice blends have our "Granito" sea salt as a base. Granito is also an untreated 100% sea salt. It is only dried in the sun, ground and contains no anti-caking- nor bleaching-agents or other additives. Granito is rich in natural minerals and trace elements. In addition to the gentle extraction, the exceptionally good water quality in the nature reserve "Parque Natural de Ses Salines d'Eivissa", where SAL de IBIZA is harvested, is responsible for this.

What do you season with Fleur de Sel Specials?

Counter question: What do you want to cook? Because our “Fab Four” develop very different aromas when seasoning a dish.
If you like a touch of the Orient and Arabic or Asian cuisine, you should have the pink pot in your spice rack. Fleur de Sel Special "La Vie en Rose" refines lamb and game dishes with petals and buds of the Damask rose to create an exotic favourite. Just a pinch on a dark chocolate mousse is enough to make the dessert "irresistible".   
Finally barbecue season and a change for the barbecue spice mix? Then you should have our Fleur de Sel Special "Isla Blanca" to hand. This Ibizan selection of Mediterranean herbs refines meat into a Mediterranean speciality. The lemony nuances crown any fish such as Seabream or John Dory. A few salt flakes from the white pot are also delicious on a natural yoghurt or fruits such as honeydew melon, papaya or mango.
Ajo Negro is the Spanish term for pickled black garlic and gives our Fleur de Sel Special "Mar Blau" a spicy, savoury, slightly sweet, deep flavour that corresponds to the culinary concept of "umami". Vanilla and plum come into play as well as caramel and balsamic - but also liquorice. Our "Mar Blau" composition is versatile and can be used in sauces, aioli or hummus. In combination with tomatoes, for example for a tortilla or a tarte flambée à la Mediterranean, there is no way around our blue pot.
Fine saffron threads and finely ground saffron powder perfect our Fleur de Sel Special "Azafran". It gives southern European dishes such as risotto and paella their unmistakable colour and rounds off these dishes with slightly bitter, smoky and spicy-sweet notes. In combination with our sea salt flakes, it unfolds an individual kick, also as a small pinch in desserts.

What is the shelf life of Fleur de Sel Specials?

Our Fleur de Sel Specials usually have a shelf life of one to two years before the fragrance dissipates. But as a flavour agent in dishes, the quality of the spice remains.

Does SAL de IBIZA also offer Fleur de Sel specialities that are typical of Ibiza?

The Fleur de Sel Special, with the taste of sun and sea, is in the white "Isla Blanca" pot. The spice and fragrance of the traditional and local "Hierbas" are pure Ibiza. The basis for this unique herbal mixture is the world-famous Ibizan liqueur Hierbas Ibicencas. Only the high sugar content of the liqueur and its alcohol content have been replaced by our Fleur de Sel.

What makes the ingredients of our Fleur de Sel Specials so special?

With the conscious selection of ingredients for our Fleur de Sel Specials, we have created salt creations that highlight and enrich the mild, delicate and subtle taste of the salt flower. Our intention was to compose flavours that meet the demands of gourmet cuisine and remind us a little of our favourite island with each crystal.

What is so special about Fleur de Sel?

Fleur de Sel is the salt flower or salt blossom. Only delicate and wafer-thin salt crystals are used for this, which form on the surface of the water. In their crystalline form they resemble flowers. Fleur de Sel looks beautiful, has a special texture - it crunches on the tongue. Taste-wise, it is remarkably mild and delicate and contains an above-average amount of minerals and trace elements due to its high residual moisture. Fleur de Sel is less pungent and bitter than conventional rock salt; it is more of a spice than a classic table salt.

Why Fleur de Sel from Ibiza?

On the warm, sunny coast of Ibiza, there is a millenniums-old tradition of salt production. The salt farmers have created evaporation ponds where our seawater salt is produced only by the sun and the wind.... On very hot, windless days, the salt that crystallises on the surface of the water is harvested by hand with special shovels.

Are Fleur de Sel and sea salt different salts?

Fleur de Sel is also a sea salt, which is obtained in the salt marshes by evaporation of sea water. Fleur de Sel, however, with its fine, flowery crystal structure, is only produced on windless and very hot days and is skimmed off by hand by the salt workers like a crown. Fleur de Sel is particularly mild and gentle. Gourmet chefs from all over the world appreciate it as a fine delicacy.

Why do the salt marshes look so colourful?

The different shades from light pink to dark purple of the salt fields are caused by the alga Dunaliela Salinae, which consists mostly of beta-carotene. It loves the salty environment and likes to inhabit salt marshes all over the world. It serves as food for brine shrimp, which are among the most salt-tolerant creatures on the planet. These in turn are the favourite food of the typical pink flamingo and are responsible for their pink plumage. The less seawater there is in the evaporation ponds, the higher their salt concentration and the more intense their colour, which turns a bright purple just before the salt is harvested.

Discover also our "Fleur de Sel" in a turquoise pot - the original.

Fleur de Sel


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