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SAL de IBIZA-PINK RIBBON, Fleur de Sel à «La vie en Rose», Special Edition

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Fleur de Sel mit Rosenblättern – PINK RIBBON – Special Edition*

It all began with an April Fools’ joke, when we posted our well-known Fleur de Selpot on Facebook in the colour PINK. The response was clear: “We want this!” When, in addition, our attention was drawn to the fact that “our” pink was exactly the colour used by the worldwide organisation against breast cancer, PINK RIBBON, we were convinced: “Let’s do it!” – under the motto: Fleur de Sel à «La vie en Rose»

For each of these pots sold we donate 1 € to “PINK RIBBON DEUTSCHLAND”

Breast cancer is the most common and most dangerous type of cancer among women. Early detection increases the chance of recovery to 79% for more than 70,000 newly diagnosed patients. The basis for potential recovery is the early detection of the disease by means of palpating breasts correctly and regular medical check-ups. We want to raise awareness and support the extremely important work of PINK RIBBON against this insidious disease.

Try it as a „dessert salt“ on your dark Mousse au Chocolat, on Chocolat Coulant, on vanilla ice cream or with game dishes, lamb or tagines.

We do not use any anti-caking agents in our salt! We simply recommend loosening the salt with a fork (or similar).

* Ingredients: Hand - harvested SAL de IBIZA Fleur de Sel, rose petals (Rosae flos ruber), rosebuds (Rosae gemma rosea tot.) and a hint of precious rose oil (Rosa damascena, Oleum rosae).

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