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Seasalt Mixes

A wide variety of flavours composed within ready sea salt mixes

When preparing delicious food, it all comes down to the right spice mix. It is even easier if you have the ready spice blends at hand.
Our Granitos are sea salt spice preparations that we have put together for use in grilling, preparing salads, soups, marinades, sushi and more. Here you'll find our various sea salt mixes that you can use immediately in cooking or add to your table for seasoning.
For further combination possibilities, we have also put together various bundles for you, each containing two shakers from our Granito family.

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Spicy Cajun & Hot Chili Bundle
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Spicy Cajun & Hot Chili Bundle

Salty Safari – Taking you for a spicy ride... We are offering five different bundles in an attractive beach chair look. We have selected two shakers from our Granito Family to conquer the kitchens of the world. What are you waiting for? You can cook and experiment with your own creations. On your pots, get set – go!

Ingredients #1: Sea salt (approx. 40%), spice blend (approx. 60%): garlic, sweet paprika, onion, white pepper, cumin, coriander, lemon peel, chili, ginger, turmeric, caraway, cardamom, oregano, thyme, and marjoram.

Ingredients #2: Sea salt (approx. 60%), crushed chili peppers (without seeds, approx. 40%).

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Granito con Chili, 75 g

SAL de IBIZA Granito is enriched with a good portion of hot, coarsely ground chillies. Ideal seasoning companion for those who like it a little spicier and those who dare to try... Caution: hot! Sea salt (approx. 60%), crushed chilli peppers (without seeds, approx. 40%)

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From puristic “mono-spiced” salts with chili or sesame to highly aromatic spice preparations with various herb mixtures, you can add surprising flavor nuances to your dishes straight from the salt shaker. With Granito con Hibiscus and Granito con Flores, you can season and decorate your salad or marinade at the same time, when the colorful petals unfold their full splendor. This way you can add that special pep to various dishes. All herb blends are finely tuned to the full flavour of sea salt from the salines of Ibiza. In the blink of an eye, you can embark on culinary journeys to the southern states of the USA, Japan, Southeast Asia or the Mediterranean; if necessary, with additional fire from the chili peppers from the Granito con Chili.
The sea salt mixes come in an attractive package that serves as a spice shaker. When you turn it over, you can see the spice mix through the transparent bottom, and the lids are decorated with the included components. Since the spice mix is in a light-protected package, you can put the shakers on the table or on an open shelf, where they will always cut a fine figure, as well. When you present them directly on the table, they not only look nice, but your guests can help themselves and spice their dishes as they like.

What are the best sea salt spice mixes?

Salt is the universal spice that no dish should be without. Other spices and herbs give food and drinks additional flavour aromas or ensure that they are digested better. In different regions of the world, preferences for certain spices have developed. On the one hand, this is because climatic conditions have produced a particular wealth of spice plants, and on the other hand, because they have been discovered and used by people for a long time. Early trade opened up the spice world to regional cuisines and made spices a sought-after and valued commodity. Today, due to globalization, the different country cuisines with their characteristic spice blends are popular and available worldwide. Italian dishes with their Mediterranean flavors have been at the top of the popularity scale for years (and because there is hardly anyone who doesn't like pizza).

Are there also gluten-free sea salt mixes from SAL de IBIZA?

All SAL de IBIZA spice preparations are in principle gluten-free. However, they may contain traces of gluten in very small quantities because some of them are blended in manufactures that also process gluten-containing foods.

Are the SAL de IBIZA sea salt mixes suitable for gift giving?

Our sea salt mixes and spice salts are packed in aquamarine blue spice shakers. On the belly shines a golden sun, the lid is decorated with the corresponding ingredients. The spice shakers are available individually as well as you can buy selected salt and spice preparations in a bundle of 2. We have compiled five Duos, which we send on the road with greetings from Ibiza in a beach chair. Whether for the grill master or as a spicy accessory for the next cooking session, whether delicious dishes are to be conjured up with meat or with vegetables, the spice preparations and the bundles of our "Salty Safari" cut a fine figure with the most diverse dishes.

What is the shelf life of SAL de IBIZA sea salt mixes?

Spices should always be stored in a cool, dry and dark place. In processed form (grated, ground or chopped) spices should be used-up after about 6 to 8 months, because then the flavours tend to fade.

What is the best way to store SAL de IBIZA sea salt mixes?

SAL de IBIZA sea salt mixes are packaged in an opaque spice shaker that has a viewing window only at the bottom. This allows you to see what is inside the package, and once the shaker is turned upright, no light reaches its ingredients. So the spice shakers can decorate your open shelf or stand on the table, only the location should be cool and dry.

Read our blog article and learn more about production, differences and use.


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