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We at SAL de IBIZA have created a new Christmas Salt Special Edition this year. The handmade Fleur de Sel is refined with six spices, giving it a Christmas aroma and atmospheric colouring. The "Feliz Navidad" gourmet salt from the Special Edition consists of hand-scooped fleur de sel as well as tonka bean, pomegranate blossom, orange blossom, bourbon vanilla, chilli and mace blossom.  
The salty note of the fleur de sel is complemented with sweet-fruity notes of orange blossom and pomegranate blossom, it is warm and full-bodied with vanilla, nutty through the mace blossom, receives the sweet-spicy note of the tonka bean and spicily rounded off with a slight spiciness of chilli. The delicately spicy salt mixture shines in a rich orange-red and is in a snow-white ceramic pot. You will receive the handmade poinsettia as a gift.

To help children, we at SAL de IBIZA cooperate with Save the Children Deutschland e.V. We donate 2 € from each Fleur de Sel "Feliz Navidad" to this NGO.

Red, orange, a little yellow, that's how it looks, our Fleur de Sel in the Special Edition "Feliz Navidad" in a white ceramic pot. Pomegranate blossoms, orange blossoms and mace blossoms provide the bright colours, and together with bourbon vanilla, tonka bean and chilli, the salt unfolds its Christmas flavour with a spicy note.  

With Christmas just around the corner, we can start thinking about the most beautiful things again. What do we want to bake and cook this year to surprise our friends and family with pleasure? We also need new inspiration for the gift table, after all, we don't want it to be empty. If it's uncomfortable outside, we sit in the warm kitchen and leaf through the recipe books. Which types of biscuits will we bake this year? What might our menu for Christmas Eve look like? Christmas dinner should be our culinary highlight of the year.

Flavours and spices play a special role at Christmas time. Our Fleur de Sel "Feliz Navidad" is extremely versatile with its sweet, nutty and Christmas-spicy components, which are rounded off with a spicy touch. You can refine favourite recipes with it and give them a new twist. A roast lamb that gets its bouquet of flavours from a marinade with "Feliz Navidad" fleur de sel becomes the star of the Christmas menu. The gourmet salt is ideal for refining soups and adding a splash of colour. Don't forget to provide the white ceramic pot on the table. This way, your guests can treat themselves to an extra pinch that gives the dish that special something. The combination of salty and sweet is also very popular at Christmas, and Christmas biscuits such as speculoos and gingerbread are given a new flavour by the spice mix. Not only at Christmas does a successful menu call for a dessert.

A chocolate mousse harmonises well with the nutty components and the slight spiciness of the chilli from our gourmet salt blend. Other ideas include ice cream with a salty-spicy topping or you can surprise your guests with homemade salty popcorn that you pop in butter and then season with the Fleur de Sel "Feliz Navidad" - it looks beautiful and the spicy-nutty components and the slight spiciness come out very well, too.  

As the next few weeks pass in a flurry of busy and homely preparations, we want to inspire anticipation, especially in our children. A cosy Christmas with fragrant delicacies, lots of presents, a Christmas tree hung with sweetmeats in a flat with candles and Christmas decorations is part of the fondest childhood memories. The Christmas season reminds us that still not every child can grow up in a loving environment and gives us an opportunity to do something good. Our Managing Director Daniel sees this as his social responsibility:

 "I've been so immensely lucky in my life that it was absolutely time to give something back - and to whom else, if not to children?"

With the Special Edition of the Christmas gourmet salt "Feliz Navidad", we have entered into a cooperation with Save the Children to support children in need. We will donate €2 from each pot of salt to this organisation. Save the Children is the world's largest independent children's rights organisation. For over one hundred years, it has been working to make the world a better place, where all children can live safely and grow up self-determined. With many local projects, this NGO undertakes efforts to best provide children with the necessary care and adequate protection in their own family or environment. All children worldwide should have access to health care and disadvantaged children should also be able to participate freely in educational opportunities.

Do you wish to refine your favorite dishes? Then order our Fleur de Sel Christmas salt here:

You can learn more and do even more good and also make a donation at

Merry Christmas, or as we say in Spain: ¡Feliz Navidad!

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