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Potato Crisps with Moscatel Vinegar & Fleur de Sel

Chips "Salt & Vinegar", 125 g

This time we have refined our chips with sherry vinegar from the golden muscat grape from Jerez and a pinch of our finest Fleur de Sel. The result is a finely balanced combination of fruity and acidic flavors that guarantees ultimate pleasure. Let yourself be seduced by the harmonic fusion of this crispy delicacy...

Potato Crisps with Moscatel Vinegar & Fleur de Sel, 125 g
Chips "Salt & Vinegar", 125 g
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€3.05 €6.10 Save 50%

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Thin slices of selected potatoes of the aromatic, golden-yellow variety "Agria" are manually fried in sunflower oil to the perfect "crispiness" and then refined with a pinch of Fleur de Sel. We deliberately use the much more valuable Fleur de Sel in all our chips varieties, because we are talking about salt as a spice here, not merely just a salt...

Ingredients: potatoes, sunflower oil, sea salt (Salt Flower): 1.57%, flavor (flavorings, lactose, fructose, corn starch, and vinegar: 0.005%)

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