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Fleur de Sel Refill, 150 g

For all of you who want to keep it simple! We don't waste a cent on fancy wrapping here - just 150 grams of the best, purest Fleur de Sel - that's it!

Ingredient: 100% Salt Flower

Fleur de Sel Refill
Fleur de Sel Refill, 150 g

(€6.07 pro 100g)

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(€6.07 pro 100g)

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Our Salt Flower is exclusively extracted from the nature reserve "Parque Natural de Ses Salines d'Eivissa", which was declared Unesco World Heritage Site in 1999. Even after drying in the sun, a certain residual humidity remains in the "Fleur de Sel". A multitude of minerals and micronutrients can be detected in higher quantities than average, such as magnesium, fluoride, selenium, and iodine. Salt Flower can only be harvested a few days of the year and even in a good season, it represents a maximum of 0.1% of the total harvest. It is formed exclusively under optimal weather conditions in the corners of the salt fields with the highest air circulation.

Ingredient: sea salt

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