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(Salt) mill with ceramic grinder


Ground through our "Molinillo" salt mill, you get the perfect fine dosage of this particularly mild, fresh and tasty salt. Because "Molino", like all our other natural salt varieties, also has a certain residual moisture, it would always react - even with the finest stainless steel. For this reason, we insist on a ceramic grinder for our mill. The grinding container is made of glass and it is also dishwasher safe. The grinder is framed in a beech wood head.

(Salt) mill with ceramic grinder
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⌀ 36,5 cm/height 4,5 cm. We call our salt for the mill (Spanish: "Molinillo") "Molino". It is SAL de IBIZA's coarsest salt and has the appearance of sugar candy rocks. Like our other products, "Molino" is only dried in the sun and then - in this case - broken into smaller crystals. "Molino" also contains no bleaching agents or additives, instead, it is particularly rich in natural minerals and micronutrients, such as magnesium, fluorine, selenium, and iodine. In addition to the careful extraction and gentle processing, the exceptionally good water quality in the nature reserve "Parc Natural de ses Salines d'Eivissa", where SAL de IBIZA is harvested, is responsible for this. Ingredient: Sea salt

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