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Chips "Smoky Páprika", 125 g
  • Chips "Smoky Páprika", 125 g

Potato Crisps with Smoked Paprika

Chips "Smoky Páprika", 125 g

These carefully made chips are cut into thin slices and stirred in sunflower oil in traditional cauldrons while being baked until crispy. They get their spicy-smoky note from the original, lightly smoked Páprika de la Vera and other exquisite ingredients. An exciting snack that ignites the SAL de IBIZA "Fuego" in the gourmet palate. We offer you these chips in their fiery red robe and piquant paprika flavour in their usual crunchiness. Here you really have something to nibble on!

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Chips "Smoky Páprika", 125 g
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The peppers from the La Vera region come from the foot of the Sierra de Gredos, located in the extreme southwest of Spain, in the province of Extremadura. Immediately after harvesting, they are turned over several times on drying floors for about a week and smoked over oak wood. After drying, the smoked pods without seeds and stems are ground into fine red powder in grinders. The grinding process is repeated up to five times to achieve the desired degree of fineness.

Ingredients: Potatoes, sunflower oil, flavouring (flavouring preparations, corn maltodextrin, paprika de la Vera D.O.P 1%, salt, onion powder, sugar, tomato powder and white pepper) and sea salt (Ibiza flower of salt) 1.17%.

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