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Collaboration between SAL de IBIZA and Ibiza Preservation Fund (IPF)

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Photo: (from left to right) Sandra Benbeniste, IPF, and Nina Fitzgerald with George Safaris and Daniel Witte from SAL de IBIZA

SAL de IBIZA is very proud and enthusiastic about our formed collaboration with the IBIZA PRESERVATION FUND – joining hands with this worthy cause to safeguard and protect our favourite island for us and future generations to love and enjoy. The global passion for our precious island has been growing steadily for many years now pushing its capacity to host the over 7.1 million visitors per year to its’ limits.  Although it’s a great scenario for the local economy of Ibiza but sadly it also has put a tremendous and destructive strain on the island‘s nature, beauty and resources.

It was a pleasure meeting with Sandra Benbeniste, Ibiza Preservation Fund’s most passionate and committed director and her most motivated “volunteer” Nina Fitzgerald, discussing the efforts of the foundation to bring under one umbrella the several concerned international groups, local experts, non-profit orgs., businesses and public entities ALL with the same passion of taking care of Ibiza. This has inspired SAL de IBIZA to join in this worthy cause, the time is now – as tomorrow might be too late.

We look forward to unveiling our plans and further spreading the love of this magical island all over the world – join us!

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